Posted by Angela

Come to a meeting on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 3PM and learn more about a new ministry opportunity, Healing Communities.

Healing Communities is a network of nonprofits, state agencies, and faith-based organizations across the state that helps people who have been incarcerated by providing

* A safety net of mercy, forgiveness, and compassion, and

* Supportive services for returning citizens upon release from prison

This ministry would involve our congregation in restoring and healing people in our community who have been affected by crime, incarceration, and reintegration. By creating a sense of welcome, reducing stigma and shame, and building networks of support through prayer, social activities, volunteering or simple companionship, we could positively affect returning citizens, their families, and victims.

This program was started by Gov. Nathan Deal, and our congregation has been invited to participate. Please come next Sunday afternoon, and we will learn more together. The meeting will be in the Sanctuary.


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