New Jan. Sermon Series on The Book of Revelation: Not Your Daddy’s Buick

December 19, 2012
Not Your Daddy's Buick


At all three services during January Pastor Rob will be preaching on the Second Coming of Christ and the Book of Revelation. There is much misunderstanding about the times of the end, it isn’t really what you think. If you’d like to hear a fresh approach to the times of the end, an approach that’s full of hope rather doom or gloom, this might be the sermons series just for you!

Revelation: Not Your Daddy’s Buick


Jan 6 1 Cor 15:20-26 “Begin At the End”

Jan 13 Rev 21:1-7 “All”

Jan 20  Rev 21:9-27 “God Sees To It”

Jan 27 Rev 22:8-21 “Did You Do Your Laundry?”


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